Sunday, 11 August 2013

The summer so far....

Most comments, discussions, mummy blogs, social media activity has been bombarded with aahhhh summer holidays. For those of us in NI, our summer holidays are 9 weeks long or 63 days, 1512 hours or 90720 minutes.

At the start of July, I was ready to pull my hair out with the prospect of this terrifying time but its hasn't been as manic as I thought.

I do admit that squeezing business meetings into mornings or afternoons, swapping flats and heels to dive from the office to the park has been a little tiring. Or the handing over £40 odd quid in one indoor activity per week has kind of made my eyes water. And I suppose that staying up late partly because it is light outside and partly in the blind hope that they will stay asleep past 6:30am has had its moments of crisis. Ok, I am lying its been CRAZY. I forgot everything, I put the tea bags in the fridge, I have nearly put moisturiser on my toothbrush and went to a business meeting in slippers then had a moment of horror when I thought I had lost the other high heel in my car.....I hadn't but I was late.

Though, I did have a number of reality checks when I realised that the weather has been good, I have had loads of help with the kids, I am not living in a 3rd world countries and this gripes those ladies or men would love to have rather than no food, clean water, democratic hell etc. I sat myself down, had a word with myself, smiled, realised that I have three gorgeous kids, a great husband, fab family & friends and core business people which I enjoy working with. Life is good, manic but good.......

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