Thursday, 16 January 2014

Winter & Sickness

The wonderful winter wonderland, the open burning fire, the necessity to wear big chunky clothes and therefore your beauty regime can slide a little are all the highlights of Winter!

I see the yearly calendar drawing to a close and panic! I have three little germ carriers and of course, two are at school so it is not 6 people passing to each other but in excess of 100 other little germ carriers sending us sickness.

I remember when my son was a baby and his sneezed or coughed, I panicked, checked his temp, cuddled him and everything stopped to ensure his comfort. Given our extremely hectic lifestyle, one of the kids sneezes or coughs and I feel a fear! Fear that this cannot be happening AGAIN! They have all just getting over whatever the last infection was! Although, of course, as a mother I am a sympathetic but I am a little less empathetic. I know what will happen. One kiddie will get sick, either the others will but if we are lucky enough they don't they will, of course, inevitably demand time of school as 'he is off!!'.

The next stage in the journey will be that I will get whatever disease it is this time. As mums, because we are sleep deprived, busy, probably snacking instead of eating, our immune system has dropped since having kids. Of course, something which would have ended in 3/4 days off work, lying in bed watching Jeremy Kyle when we were young free and single now results in a cup of tea, paracetamol and a glass of wine for sleep at night. My doctor has on occasion been shocked that I have managed to keep going let alone, work, school runs etc but the sentence, you need to rest and take it easy, is not advice a busy mum needs to hear. It is just not possible!

The next issue is whether to phone the doctor. With baby one, I was probably keen to phone the doctor regularly however as you have more, you generally hear the same information time and time again. I know the exact dosage for most medicine off the shelf and how to administrator. In the UK there are so many products which are restricted to over 6 years old, we don't have many options without going to the doctor. When I was in the Middle East, there was a whole variety of medicine which included a mix of herbal and traditional medicine.

You pause and lift the phone. In a sheepish voice, I request either a call back from the doctor or an appointment. The reception answers using my first name which like the Chinese take away lady, you don't really want to happen. Mostly, now, due to experience I can tackle most issues over the phone with the doctor which is a little comforting but I still feel like the doctor sees one of our name, sighs and throws her eyes to the sky before answering my call. I get the best advice and support as always but all whilst feeling guilty.

After mountains of Calpol, Ibruofen, antibiotics if required, millions of juice cups and 200 disney films, they start to fight with each other and normality resumes! I am now just waiting for the next sneeze, cough or tummy upset!

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