Sunday, 12 May 2013

A week of realisation.....

So as I have referenced in an earlier blog I know I am 32 but in my head I am about mid-20s some of the time.

I started out the week with a bank holiday weekend with hubby away! This resulted in a furniture re-arrangement to give me a new 'project' and organising my sons 5th birthday party. Of course, he had to pick a Ben 10 theme because to pick a mainstream party character like spiderman which is in EVERY supermarket would just not be in my life! Ebay is was....

I got 'free' on Tuesday to go to work! I was so excited to have a coffee I could finish while warm and drive without fighting or moaning behind me. Was nice after 3 days of 'kiddies' things. I donned my sunglasses, had my high heels and suit on, feeling very hip & business like. I go onto the motorway and put on 'scream & shout', it was so nice to feel energised. I was dancing in the car and enjoying myself then I was driving alongside a van driver, I was all 'get me, all dolled up, trendy music...woohoo' then something happened, my mind decided to play tricks on me and I suddenly saw myself through his eyes. He saw an obviously 30 something, in a 7 seater mummy wagon aka people carrier with 3 car seats, a buggy, full of toys, half lollies and baby wipes all over the seats, dancing to a song which teenagers listen to. I looked like a wally!

Wednesday, I decided to put on my new coloured super skinny jeans..... they were fine until I got to buttoning them....after 3 babies, 2 c sections, I decided to take them back off very quickly! It was not a good look. By Thursday, I had started to wear flats to work as 2 whole days of heels wasn't good for me.

Friday came. Only last few hours before hubby was home and the misery oh sorry joy of a 5yr old birthday party loomed. I was on my way to a meeting. At my meeting, I was greeted with my 'client' (who is a friend) holding an envelope & magazines. My hubby and my cousin with help of family friends and even my accountant had organised to cancel all my appointments, book me a surprise massage, all the kids were being collected from school.....I was flabbergasted! It was incredible.

Knowing me so well, I got home. My laptop had been 'stolen' so I couldn't work, the house had been cleaned and tidied, there was chocolates, wine & lunch ready for me therefore I had no option but to watching telly and do nothing more!!

I immediately reached for my PJs poured myself a glass & chose Moulin Rouge to fall asleep to on the sofa too. It was pure bliss. My kids on arriving home, woke me up, I saw myself in the mirror, with 'bed' hair, un-matching PJs/dressing gown who was dying for a wee cup of tea.My mind had aged 10 years in a week. I was warm, comfy & wants a big mug of Nambarrie and I was really ok with being 32!!

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