Sunday, 14 April 2013

manic week results in childcare search....

So work has kinda of cropped on me! I started 2 little businesses and they seem to have taken off. Initially I was sort of playing at it then in the last few weeks its gone hectic. I have relented and decided to find childcare for the youngest.

Where do you begin? In Leeds, I just had one in nursery but as they are about £100 per day or something ridiculous I just cant afford it. In Qatar, I had a very lovely Phillipino lady (who subsquently ran away, thats another story!!!!), she lived with us so it was all easy enough. Now, I have to trail through profiles, reply to ads in gumtree which feels a little wrong since I normally buy furniture or nail extensions from it. Ask around the school but 'the good ones never have a space'. I decided to chance my arm and resort to my main addiction, Facebook. It gets me through most of my bored times, stalker fascination and definitely brings up more answers than none. Low and behold, I got a friend childminders then my friend magically appears on chat and said she would take her! It was like relief.

This week has been particularly hectic and has lead to the decision of a childminder. Briefly, my car broke down, I had to rent one. I went to collect it, no paper part of my licence. Mum drives back down to deliver it. I get car. Sunday, my daughter gets unbelievably bad tummy bug, queue no sleep for next 3 nights and a very unhappy little girl (to be expected). A very important client meeting on Monday morning, no sleep, tiny bright lime green corsa, not a good start. Bag client! (woohoo). Turn diary pages over to arrange 2nd meeting, client sees 'period' written on that page! CRINGE!

Tuesday, my car is still dead. I have to try and renew my hire car. The nice Indian lady didn't understand what I was asking for, partially from my probably squeaking voice with slurring due to sleep deprivation. Had to get new hire car. Deliver one, pick up other one. Go to 3 more meetings. Hot flushes during meetings due to cold (I have had for 2 weeks) and no sleep. I think a little snot came out too. Thursday, son is off sick so other son wont got to playgroup, hire car needs renewed again. My little girl is still feeling poorly and Justin's house has been to theme to my week (I think I hummed it in a lift in a clients building). Amongst heartfelt kiddies cries I go to a meeting, drive the wrong way around the car park in a very expensive golf club then park my tiny car amongst very expensive cars. I put my earrings on, shake myself. 
As I am walking to the front door, I remember perfume! I need it to cover the smell of sick, snot etc. My client is giggling on the way down the stairs 'got to get that perfume on eh?' Oh lord!

Friday comes and I think at home. no client meetings. Get house organised, set things out for the weekend. 3pm and my son develops an all over rash. I ring doc while balancing snacks, to be told to head to hospital, I head to emergency. En route I remember I haven't eaten anything, I am trying to keep my son calm. He is very sick on arrival, 10 mins after when we are called to Triage, he decides he is fine. (this happens every time!!!) We go home.

Friday night I haven't slept in 5 nights, I look back at the week and think how the hell did I get through that. I decide that things need to change. I need more childcare!!! a massage, a clone and a PA but a good friend has come to my rescue so that will do for now.

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