Thursday, 17 January 2013

Varied baby early months.....

I wish I knew then what I know now about motherhood and managing kids. It would have saved me so much worry, stress and sleepless nights! I suppose though you have to go through it to learn from it.

My kids have had slightly different upbringings so far so I thought I'd condense them!

First baby:
  • When feeding, they are breast feed with all the right postures and complete with a muslin square. Or bottle feed with constant worry over the product and you will probably use different bottles and attempt to ditch the dummy. Their nappy is changed to the feeding schedule. Weaning is done complete with Annabel Karmen & organic products/cereals. They fall, hurt themselves or cry, you panic check their temp, strip them check for rashes or marks and cuddle them until they are ok again or go straight to A&E. You worry when they are asleep. You have a changing bag that looks like a suitcase for a long weekend. You dont go out past 8pm for 6 months. When they start walking or crawling you can't contain your excitement. Their talking is the height of cuteness and you have a million photos of them, professional, on your screensaver, your phone maybe even a keyring. Their routine is sacred and you operate everything around it. The clothes are organised and possibly ironed (not me)
Second baby:
  • Breast or bottle feeding them in a hurry but sitting and complete with some sort of cloth. You scoop the right amount and continue to sterilise. The product for formula is the one you used last time, if they are a little sick, sure that happens. You love the dummy. Nappies are changed when you check them and they feel fat. Weaning is done via shortcuts. Make lots of the suitable foods and sure they will be ok with out a completely 'varied' diet. They fall hurt or cry, you check them and make sure they are ok. Give them calpol. You check them on your way out to a quick drink at the pub. Babysitter will be grand. You have a changing bag but as its for 2, it is the essentials only. When they crawl, walk or talk, you are excited but you've two to watch the newest thing so its worn a little thin. You have photos of them but mostly together cause you don't want to feel like you are favouring one. Their routine is a little more flexible due to school/playgroups. I find clothes which are closest to hand.
Third baby:
  • If you are awake throughout the feed it is a good start. You wipe the milk on your clothes and have no issue leaving the house like that. You are 99% sure the scoops are right or 99% sure of the time for the last breast feed. The formula is fine unless projectile vomiting. You change their nappy when its stinks or if you remember. Weaning it done through normal meals ie whatever the other two have and you are pretty sure Mcdonalds and chinese are ok, sure its bread, potatoes, rice and meat, right? They cry but you know now 'the cry' so 80% of the time you just look at them and say 'its ok' or just ignore them alll together. Give them calpol. You bring a nappy, wipes and a bottle/jar in your enlarged handbag and only go to places you can buy things if you need them. When they start crawling, walking or talking, you groan. Their routine is whatever it needs to be. If its mealtime and you have to go out, give them a cracker or breadstick! You may have a photo. In terms of clothes, a girl can wear blue, right?
I heard a funny comment from my friend she saw on facebook,
First baby eats dirt, you panic and rush to the doctor. Second baby eats dirt, you wipe it out with a baby wipe and keep an eye on them. Third baby eats dirt, you wonder do they need lunch. Fourth baby has dirt for lunch!

I stressed so much with my first baby, I was in tears, I didn't sleep properly, I ran myself ragged with baby groups assessing which were best etc. My second baby was a little easier but probably because I was less stressed. He went to various little classes but had a childminder and an old brother. With the most recent one, I still worry, I still check them before bed but I dont over complicate motherhood. If you love them, you spend time with them, you discipline them and you teach them and apologise if you think you are in the wrong, you are a good mum!

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