Sunday, 13 January 2013

I am 32 not 24

I am not sure if others feel the same but even know I live a typical life of a mummy, wife etc etc but I still think in my head I am way younger than I actually am. When I am around younger people or teenager, I feel I have to kind of fall into line with them and get them to think I am hip or really just not sad.

My sister (19) came to the house with her boyfriend & her friend. They had come to have a 'party' with my little ones and a sleepover. I decided I couldn't be bothered getting dressed up so I wore jeans and comfy boots, we walked up to the local bar, had some belinis (instead of my normal glass of red) so I could be 'cool'. We picked up some champagne and hit the indian. I had 2 bellinis, was in 5 yr old jeans and a 'warm' jacket so I came into the restaurant, fairly squiffy, red faced from the wind and I looked like I was going a forest for a walk rather than a romantic meal with my husband. After dinner, I decided it was time to go home, we had a long night, my feet hurt and my PJs were calling me. This was at 930pm!

We got home and all the 'young ones' were there. As I had too much champagne and raspberry bellinis, I started into this whole conversation to try and make them think I was hip. The conversation wasn't even vaguely in this direction but I randomly said 'oh yeah armin van buuren, I had a rat called armin after him' then carried on talking about the big nightclubs I used to go to 10 years ago (which I didn't even like, my boyfriend did), about drugs that people were taken there, then started talking about technics and mixers (turntables for DJs). Seriously even at 19/20 I had absolutely no interest in any of it, I was generally at the local gay bar with my mates cause they played 'I am what I am' and 'so macho' but I thought in my drunken, old lady head that they would think this was funky and I would then be the 'legend' older sister. Nope, they were much more interested in Match of the Day and lots of foreign footballers of which I know approximately none. I was sitting beside these young folk knowing I was wearing bridget jones pants and wondering why I was awake past 10pm!

The next day I was remembering all what had happened, I text my sister and said 'Please stop me next time, I am not cool and I shouldn't try to be' I text her boyfriend and apologised trying to be cool. I was laughing to myself that I was there trying to impress these youngsters that I still had it, they were looking at me seeing a mid-thirties woman who was drunk on 5 glasses of fizzy wine, curled up on the sofa complete with slippers, finishing her big night out at 930pm and talking about night clubs that arent even open anymore!!

Note to self: I am not down with the kids & I am 32 not 24.

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